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Keep Your Business Out of Trouble, Use a Consulting Contract Template


Working for yourself can be a very lucrative and rewarding career, but if you are not careful you could end up in trouble. Unfortunately, there is always going to be a lot of paperwork involved especially if you want to make sure that you have all your bases covered with respect to your clients.

Any time you prepare to work with a client who wants your advice on a particular project or asks you to help organize a project along with providing estimates on costs; you need to use a consulting contract template to draw up a legally binding form to be signed by both parties.

When you first start out talking to your prospective client, it may start out as a simple phone call or an email that outlines the basic concepts of what they want. Most of the time, these informal communications are just that, nothing that is said or written can be considered a contractual obligation or be used for any legal purposes. Once it passes beyond this phase and enters the point where anything you have to say can be considered actionable you need to have a contract so that you may start getting paid for your work.

You could perhaps draw up your own contract on a piece of paper with the basics written down and sign it along with your client, but this creates a very vague contract that might be difficult to enforce should it become necessary. Instead, you should download a consulting contract template from the Internet and using it as a guide to drawing up the kind of contract that covers every phase of the project from initial consultation to completion of the job.

This contract should cover the details of what is expected from you by your client and what you can expect in return from him. This includes specific details about the task for which you were hired as well as how, when and how much you will be paid for the job. If there are any risks associated with the project, they should be included in writing so that both parties, so that both parties are aware of them from the outset.

Many clients have their own contracts that they use on a regular basis for all of their consulting work. However, if they do not have one you should carry a consulting contract template with you so that one can easily be printed and both parties enter the appropriate data before signed the contract so that work can begin.

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